Blacktown Shopping Centre

Blacktown Shopping centre was a 960 million dollar development. The resources commissioned on this project was enormous and incredibly stressful. The design was still evolving during construction which meant working closely with the Architects, Buchen Group and QIC, the developer.

Primarily our role as in the focal areas of the shopping arcades, atriums and food courts. We designed the seating, access ways, decal signage and the kiosk placement. We also did preliminary design on many of the kiosks in the facility. Below are just a few images of the proposed areas. The top floor open eating court and carpark area was also a design of ours but it never went through.

Blacktown shopping facility in reality was a triumph. Even though these images and designs are highly resolved, they where still conceptual proposals. The level of detail and refinement on a project this size was staggering. This was our first introduction to large scale work.