Boiler House - UQ - Ipswich

The Boiler House at UQ Ipswich got its name because it use to be the power plant for the old Ipswich hospital. Today the Hospital has had its old heritage buildings converted into lecture rooms and staff offices and is now called the University of Southern Queensland, Springfield campus. 

The old boiler house was retained because of its heritage listings. Its boilers where also retained as they where a beautiful reminder of older times and clever engineering. These facilities where state of the art for their time. 

The refit consisted of offices and staff rooms in the existing old building and lecture and computers rooms in a new extension annexed to the rear of the building. The design was only in conceptual stage when we where involved. We helped primarily with mocking up the extension and making the complete proposal to gain the funding required to complete the project. The project was done in 2003. Unfortunately this low resolution animation above is all we have left from the original proposal.